Love this game! 


1. King Dedede 

THE KING. A dollop of goofy, a pinch of dastardly, and a whole lot of belly. I love the king for his pocketful of gordos, his jolly, tummy thumping taunt, his snarky crouch, his belly-flopping dash, and that BIG, THUNDEROUS, THWOMPING HAMMER. 

2. Zero Suit Samus 

Fast and flashy. This lithe, acrobatic bounty hunter is a delight to play. 

3. Yoshi 

Was never particularly fond of Yoshi is the previous games. But in Sm4sh he's just so solid overall and handles really well. 

4. Pikachu 

Has been one of my favorites in every game. I just can't get enough of this adorable little guy. So quick, so cute.

5. Villager 

I'm actually not great with this guy and his play style type is probably my least favorite (spammy, campy, stally). However, I just can't resist his his wonky moves (turnips, bowling ball, PLANTING A TREE???), serial killer eyes, balloon fight homage, and the fact that this guy infuriates Pat to no end. 

I'd say Zero Suit, Yoshi, and Pikachu embody the type of characters I typically like. Quick characters with solid moves and strong aerials. Dedede and Villager are the exceptions but they happen to have strong aerials as well. 

Honorable Mentions

1. Little Mac 

Hands down, my favorite addition to the Smash roster. Wonderful design, delightfully unique, perfect homage. And SO POWERFUL. Those jabs! Those fists of fury! Little Mac would be my favorite and my main if my brother hadn't played the game first and staked his claim. It's okay though. It's better to have a little character diversity between us. Plus, I'll just make extra sure to play characters that annoy him

2. Ness

Like Yoshi, I've never been that fond of Ness in previous games. However, his aerials in this game are awesome and I can't resist good aerials. Still not a fan of that recovery though. 

5. Toon Link

Honestly, I think regular Link is better but I just love how they imported the cel-shaded art style from Wind Waker. Toon Link is adorable and both he and Link have really solid attacks both on the ground and in the air. 

4. Diddy

Solid moves, strong aerials. Actually, it's partially because he's too strong that he's not in my top 5. Considered the strongest character in the game right now, competitive smash is over-saturated with the "HOO-HAH" Diddy. Look, I'm not actually good enough at this game to dominate just because Diddy is top tier but I'd rather not be mistakenly attached to the stigma of being a Diddy main. 

5. Bowser

For some reason, I seem to be more drawn to the heavier, villainous characters in this iteration of Smash. I guess they just feel more powerful in this game and their lack of speed doesn't hinder them as much in this game since it's slower overall compared to Melee. Plus, I like playing as characters Pat hates and King Koopa is another one of them. 

Honorable honorable mentions:

Do I like Bowser Jr. or not? I can't decide. When I first started playing, I considered him one of my top 5 favorite but, admittedly, it may have been mostly because he annoyed Pat. Although, I do enjoy Bowser Jr.'s chaotic play style and heaviness... I think Greninja is solid. Shadow sneak in particular is a really cool move.  Surprisingly, I like ROB. Super strong up-smash, great recovery, quick F-air, and incredible U-air. As much as i prefer not to use projectiles, I like that how straight-forward ROB's are... I have to admit, I like Wario. I didn't want to like him. He's ugly. He's vulgar. But you know what, the goofy fart has won a little spot in my heart. And, my goodness, when he jumps he looks practically graceful... and then he kills you with gas. Wa... Or course I like big Link. And he gets my vote for rad-est alt costumes in the game... I like Mario & Luigi more in this than in previous iterations... I'm not the best with Megaman or Sonic but I really, really appreciate that they imported these incredibly iconic non-Nintendo characters into this game. Megaman's design was extremely well done... Also, Mii Fighter because playing as yourself in Smash is always fun. 



The Worst

Untitled presentation.jpg

Make me play these 10 characters in a row and playing Smash will almost, almost, feel like a chore. DK has terrible aerials and one of the worst recoveries in the game. I don't mind Wii Fit Trainer as a character but she's just so lackluster. Palutena feels slow and awkward. I don't know how to use Rosa & Luma. I'm glad they gave Zelda a little more flavor but she still feels underwhelming in my hands. Duck Hunt is that epitome of the playstyle that I hate. Super spammy with low killing power. I don't have the patience to play him. And he doesn't have the novelty or aerials of Villager. I've never much liked Lucario as a Pokemon and I just don't "get" him as a Smash character- I don't appreciate his core mechanic, the aura together what I feel are lackluster approach options and range on his attacks. Game & Watch is okay; his armored up smash is baller and his click-clack retro animations are well done but I just don't like playing with him. Glad Charizard is in the game, he's an iconic Pokemon. But he's slow without feeling nearly as powerful as Dedede, Ganon, or Bowser. For Shulk, I'm not a fan of his rather gimmicky core mechanic: the Monado Arts. I don't think they were implemented well and I'm terrible at utilizing them. Dishonorable mentions: Dark Pit, Doctor Mario, Lucina/Marth. These guys are a waste of a character slot. They could have just made them an alternate costume like they did with Alph. KInd of a shame that half of my least favorite characters are the new additions.