Tastes of Taiwan (Day 6): Grandpa

Breakfast: Dan Bing w/ Pork Chops

It was raining so no fan tuan today. Instead, I went to the Tomato Cafe on the same block as our apartment. I ordered the egg pancake with pork chops and hot sauce. Tasty!

After breakfast, I cut myself some mango. With all the excitement of dragon fruit, I forgot about my #2, the mango. I also forgot how much better mangos are here. SO GOOD.

Lunch: Mom's Cooking

Mom's tofu is always really good!

We stayed in today because it was raining and because grandma was away in the city so we had to take care of grandpa and keep him company. This meant several hours of MahJong.  

I got a little bored so mom subbed in for me and I went out to walk the streets of Neili in the rain. I found a rather robust farmer's market but I only had a $1000 bill on me so I stopped by an OK Mart to break it. I loaded up on Asian snacks and candy, stuff that you can't get back in the States. 

With my newly acquired $100 bills, I returned to the market and ordered two large pieces of tofu. It was only $20 total. Whoops. I forgot how cheap food is here. On the way home, I stopped by Coco and got some bubble tea for me and Pat. 

Dinner: Grandpa's Favorite Hang

For dinner, grandpa took us to his favorite eatery across the street. The food was simple, decent. Nothing to write home about, you know? (even though I'm writing about it now)

Overall, it was a real chill day which is fine because you can't be hustle and bustle all the time, you gotta find time to actually relax on vacation too!