Tastes of Taiwan (Day 15): Taking It Easy

We've been taking it easy the last couple of days in preparation for our 5-day road trip around the coast of Taiwan. That suits me fine. To be honest, I've been a bit worn out and starting to get a little homesick. I still love Taiwan and I'm glad to be here but I'll also be happy to be home in just about a week and a half. 

Breakfast: Watermelon

After breakfast I went for a run/walk around the city. I got more than a little lost (somewhat deliberately) and I didn't bring my phone or any money so I had to rely on my wits and Chinese skills to find my way home. A nice little adventure to start the day as I got to explore the city as I wandered the streets for a couple of hours. 

Lunch: Peanut Butter Beef Sandwich

For lunch, we decided to try the other cafe right under our flat. I was intrigued by the unorthodox combination of peanut butter and beef. Unfortunately, it wasn't very good. I think the flavor combination is fine but the execution of the sandwich was poor. The beef did not taste good and the lettuce was soggy. I can make a better sandwich. 

Snack: Ice Cream Sundae Crepes