spring 2016

bare-bones website concept made using html and css.

site concept:
the site uses an algorithm to find matching and related clothing and apparel products available for purchase online.

users can upload or paste the url of an image containing an article of clothing that they are curious about. essentially, ily will use a form of reverse image search of online retailers for the exact match of all articles of clothing found in the image: hats, shoes, bag, etc., as well as items that are similar.

ily provides the price and shows you where you can buy each item, offering users an unprecedented level of comparison and expediting the purchasing process. ily's cataloging database would be bolstered by corporations who have a strong incentive to have their items readily identifiable by ily since users will only be exposed to items which ily can find.

ily also has potential for a powerful plugin feature which automatically searches images on the page for clothing and apparel. if the user hovers over the item, it will be outlined and highlighted. clicking the item will start an ily image search in a new tab. 

on the website, the site's hired curators and editors will produce written articles of various fashion-related topics. possible topics could include a feature of the specific suits worn in the newest Bond film or a guide of this season's top 10 fashion trends. users will also be able to discuss and review items on the site and even generate their own content. 

the mobile app could allow users to take a picture of a specific style they see in the world, whether from a print ad or of their friends or coworkers. ily would scan the image to find matching items available for purchase.


programs used:

  • adobe dreamweaver
  • adobe photoshop
  • adobe illustrator